|iˌlo͞oməˈnāSH(ə)n | noun | Physics

• an intense emission of light emitted from a surface per unit area in a given direction.
• a display of lights on a building or other structure.

I have been working with illuminations, or projected light for more than 10 years. I started using only Photoshop, doing freehand drawings onto dancers and performers. I'm using a more complex setup now, live video mixing in VDMX with MIDI-controlled effects and audio triggers. I'm enticed by layers of light, and the narratives they create. Beyond the music, the people, dancers and performers are the main influence with what happens with the visuals.






Thursday Night Music & Light

We celebrated our one-year anniversary on May 10th! 

Every Thursday evening, we create a dance in Berkeley with great music and visuals. It’s a trippy, playful and uplifting experience. We've been doing this for a year now, and it keeps getting better and brighter. It's also an all-volunteer community-oriented event. We support the principles of a gift-based economy, and the event is always free of charge.

Visit out our Facebook page for more info.

I was commissioned by a Bay Area tech company to create illustrations on two large 6 x 15-foot dry-erase boards. They asked me to make as many sci-fi and geek references as possible, to placate the engineers, designers, interns and myself. 

2 of my digital drawings were published in Hydrolith 2, a compendium of Surrealist writers and artists from around the world. 

“This second issue of Hydrolith is a continuation of what the first volume started, which was and is to assemble a stimulating selection of exclusively recent work by groups and individuals of the international Surrealist movement, to facilitate intellectual exchange and collaboration, enabling us to concentrate the echoes of our commonalities as well as the shadows of our differences.

In so doing, this volume aspires to reduce all manner of distances that exist between us. All works in this book are in English, while many of them are translations from the Dutch, French, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish languages.” (From the Preface, p. 7)

 Heirs of the Sangsüngheit, Hydrolith 2, 24" x 36", archival digital print

Heirs of the Sangsüngheit, Hydrolith 2, 24" x 36", archival digital print

An unexpected review for a video game I did music for years ago was on Ross's Game Dungeon. It has garnered over 223,000 views on Youtube. Ross has an interesting take on the music, I was flattered while laughing aloud.

This is a video excerpt from that review. 




andrew juris
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 Nighthawk, 24 x 26, archival digital print

Nighthawk, 24 x 26, archival digital print